PlayStation Store Charts for May 2017 with Injustice 2, Farpoint, Friday The 13th and more

Sony reveals the current PSN charts which titles and content in the past month most often store were purchased from PlayStation. While PS4 and PS3 players were particularly hot “FIFA 17,” said owners of PlayStation VR rather have put in the role of Batman.



Sony Interactive Entertainment has been on the official PlayStation blog  published the sales charts for the PlayStation Store. The survey reveals what titles on PlayStation Store were purchased in May 2017 the most. The rankings are sorted by the respective platforms.

In May, several new titles were published, which can be found in the rankings. This includes the superhero Whipper “Injustice 2 Hack“, which is in the PS4 charts at seventh place. Also, the survival horror title “Friday The 13th: The Game” has made it into the rankings. In PS4 owners “FIFA 17”, however, is still most popular and is in first place.

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